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The carotid artery is one of the two arteries supplying the brain, one on the right and one on the left. They are major blood vessels in the neck that supply blood to the brain, neck, and face.

Origin – It is a terminal branch of the common carotid artery started at the level of the upper border of the thyroid cartilage.  Although the left and right common carotid arteries follow the same course through the neck, their origin differs.


(A) Cervical part: If ascends vertically in the neck from its origin to the base of the skull to reach the lower end of the carotid canal. The lower part of the artery is comparatively superficial.

(B) Petrous part: In the carotid canal the artery first runs upwards, there turns forward and medially. It emerges at the apex of the petrous temporal bone, the posterior wall of foramen lacerum.

(C) Cavernous part: It runs within the cavernous sinus.

(D) Cerebral part: This part lies at the base of the brain after emerging from the cavernous sinus.

Carotid Artery 1

Branches and areas Supply

(A) Cervical pary – No Branch.

(B) Petrous Part:

  1. Caroticotympanic branch – Middle ear.
  2. Pterygoid branch – Pterygoid canal.

(C) Cavernous part:

  1. Cavernous branch – Trigeminal ganglion.
  2. Superior hypophyseal branch – Hypophysis cerebri.
  3. Inferior hypophyseal branch – Hypophysis cerebri.

(D) Cerebral part:

  1. Ophthalmic branch – Structures of the orbit.
  2. Arterior cerebral artery – Brain.
  3. Middle cerebral artery – Brain.
  4. Posterior communicating artery – Brain.
  5. Anterior choroidal – Brain.
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