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Epiploic foramen

This is a vertical slit-like opening through which the lesser sac communicates with the greater sac. It is a passage between the greater and lesser sac, allowing communication between these two spaces. It is also called the aditus to the lesser sac or the foramen of Winslow. It is a natural opening or passage, especially one into or through a bone.

Fig: Epiploic Foramen


Anteriorly: Right free margin of the lesser omentum containing the portal vein, the hepatic artery and the bile duct. There are two layers and within these layers are the common bile duct, hepatic artery proper, and portal vein

Posteriorly: The peritoneum covering the inferior vena cava. The inferior vena cava, the right suprarenal gland, and vertebra T12.

Superiorly: the Caudate process of the liver. The peritoneum covering the caudate lobe of the liver.

Inferiorly: First part of the duodenum and the horizontal part of the hepatic artery. The peritoneum covering the commencement of the duodenum and the hepatic artery, the latter passing forward below the foramen before ascending between the two layers of the lesser omentum

Importance: an Internal hernia into the lesser sac can take place through the foramen.

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