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Arsenicosis is the name of the disease which contains arsenic poison. It is caused by drinking tubewell water containing arsenic poison. Arsenicosis poisoning is a slow process. It takes time to show the symptoms of arsenicosis. Eventually people who have been drinking arsenic polluted water for long time start to show symptoms and become sick. Due to long term poisoning the victims face untimely death. So, the effect of arsenicosis is quite dangerous. We should take some necessary steps to reduce tins problem. Many people of Bangladesh are now suffering from arsenic poisoning. It is caused by drinking tube-well water containing arsenic. The effects of arsenicosis are less severe among people who eat a healthy, balanced diet. Long term poisoning of arsenicosis causes death. To avoid arsenicosis drinking arsenic contaminated ground water must be given up. Attempt should be made to find safe source of water.

The number of arsenicosis patients in Bangladesh is still relatively low because our people are used to eating enough fish and vegetables which contain vitamins A. C and E. These vitamins are effective for the treatment of arsenicosis. Arsenicosis can be prevented by drinking arsenic-free water and eating a balanced diet. The initial treatment for arsenicosis is to eat a balanced diet, ideally containing fish and vegetables. The arsenic affected people should drink water from a source that contains no arsenic. Many people of Bangladesh are suffering from arsenicosis at present. People who drink tubewell water containing arsenic suffer from arsenicals. Vitamins A. C and K. are believed to be the effective treatment. In order to live well we should drink arsenic tree tubewell water. If tubewell water is not found rain water can be used.