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The difference between personal selling and sales promotion are:


  • Meaning: Personal Selling is a marketing tool in which the salesperson presents the goods to the customers and instigates them to purchase it
  • Consequence: Long-term increase in sales.
  • Cost involved: High
  • Communication: Face to face.
  • Customers: Few
  • Incentive schemes and offers: Not always present
  • Nature of product: Customized and technically complex.
  • The method used for which kind of product: High value.


  • Meaning: Sales Promotion is a range of non-personal marketing activities that are carried on to initiate sales of product and service.
  • Consequence: Short-term increase in sales.
  • The cost involved: Comparatively less.
  • Communication: Indirect.
  • Customers: Many.
  • Incentive schemes and offers: Always present.
  • Nature of product: Standardized and easy to understand.
  • The method used for which kind of product: Low value.
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