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Professor Dr. Shamsuzzoha was the first martyred intellectual in Bangladesh.

The students of Rajshahi University took an active part in protesting against Sergeant Juhurul Hague in prison. On February 18, tension grew on the camps, while the students were engaged in an attempt to break Section 144. Eventually Dr. Zoha, a professor of Chemistry and proctor of Rajshahi university was shot dead by the Pakistani Army.

Section 144 was imposed on Rajshahi city on February 17, 1969. The armed forces were deployed in front of the University main gate to prevent the agitating students from going out. Dr Zoha requested the officers not to open tire on the students. The armed forces were deployed in front of the university main gate. He rushed to the spot in order to take the injured students to hospital. The Pakistani Army shot him, because he requested them not to shoot the protesting students. He died in Rajshahi Municipal office which was used as a jail by the Pakistan Army. He was a real patriot. He was the most responsible and committed teacher. He is considered to be a martyr because he sacrificed his life for the sake of the country and the country people. Dr Shamsuzzoha attained martyrdom during the pre liberation war of Bangladesh.