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Moral Story: Grasp all, lose all

Once there lived a farmer in a village. He had a wonderful goose. It laid an egg of gold every day. He used to sell the eggs in the market. He became rich. But in course of time he became very greedy. He thought that the stomach of the goose was full of eggs. Actually, the farmer was very greedy and impatient. So, one day he thought that if he cut the belly of the goose he would get all the eggs at a time and by this way he would be rich overnight. If he could get all the eggs at a time, he would be a rich man quickly. In order to satisfy his greed, he cut the belly of the goose open. But alas! There was no egg inside it.  He was so sorry and started crying. He became extremely disappointed and lost the valuable goose forever.

Far from becoming rich he became poorer. Finally, he realized his fault and the reason behind losing all is greediness. Through this incident the farmer understood that excessive greed-brought misfortune for him.