How Poverty Interrupted Education? - QS Study
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Our people are unable to educate their children because of poverty. Bangladesh needs more educational institutions because the existing number of educational institution cannot accommodate the increasing number of students. The government cannot finance the required number of educational institutions because of resource constraints. Students do not get a standard education because of poor facilities in the educational institutions. Clashes between the rival groups of students affect academic progress badly. Sudden closures of institutions due to politics and violence hampers academic progress greatly. The passage mentions about some problems in achieving education such as poverty, drop-out financial and resource constraints and politics and violence on the campus.

The government is unable to fund the educational institutions owing to financial constraints. We need more schools and colleges to accommodate increasing number of students. Poverty is the main reason tor dropping out from schools. Sadden closures of institutions as a result of clashes and violence adversely harms the progress of academic education. The students in Bangladesh do not get a standard education as there are poor facilities in most of the institute. The government is usable to ensure education because of financial and resource constraints. It is not possible to educate all the children of the country because a major part or the children do not come to school at all because of poverty.