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Elderly persons of our Society

The elderly persons are the assets of a nation for their experience and past service. They have served the nation throughout their lives and enriched their knowledge with a lot of practical experiences. Their notions and visions are still valuable to us. After a long journey in the way of life they become somewhat weak, mentally and physically. And so, we must extend our helping hand to them. It may be done in many ways. We can come forward to help them whenever they are in difficulty. We can help them in crossing the road; offer our own seat on a bus, launch or train.

We must pay respect to their experience and seek suggestions from them in case of crucial decisions. We must not dishonor or disobey them considering that once they were physically strong. They reared, cared and fed us during our childhood. We must remember that, if we neglect them, we will be neglected similarly by our next generation.