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Devotion of Hazrat Bayazid to his Mother

At one night the boy Bayazid was busy in studies. His ailing mother was sleeping. Suddenly she woke up and asked Bayazid to give her a glass of water. But he found no water in the pitcher. So he went to the well situated at the edge of the village. The well was quite far from their house. Everybody in the village was sleeping. He filled the pitcher and came back. He went to his mother with a glass of water. But she was sleeping. He did not wake her up. He stood by her bed with the glass of water in his hand. She woke up in the morning. She was surprised to find Bayazid still standing by her bed.

She said, “O my son, why did you not leave the glass on the table and go to sleep?’ “Dear mother, I thought you would not find the water on waking. So I did not leave it on the table and go to sleep. Please take the glass and drink.” answered Bayazid with a smile. His mother drank water and blessed him. She earnestly prayed to God to bless her son with the highest spiritual honor. God granted her prayer and made Bayazid one of his greatest devotees.

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