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Relief of the Ocean Floor

The oceans are confined to the great depressions of the earth’s outer layer. In this section, we shall see the nature of the ocean basins of the earth and their topography. The oceans, unlike the continents, merge so naturally into one another that it is hard to demarcate them. The geographers have divided the oceanic part of the earth into four oceans, namely the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Indian and the Arctic. The various seas, bays, gulfs and other inlets are parts of these four large oceans.

A major portion of the ocean floor is found between 3-6 km below the sea level. The land’ under the waters of the oceans, that is, the ocean floor exhibits complex and varied features as those observed over the land (Figure). The floors of the oceans are rugged with the world’s largest mountain ranges, deepest trenches, and the largest plains. These features are formed, like those of the continents, by the factors of tectonic, volcanic, and depositional processes.