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Human geography focuses on the role that human play in the world. Human geography focuses on understand processes about human populations, settlements, economics, transportation, recreation and tourism, religion, politics, social and cultural traditions, human migration, agriculture, and urbanization. Social/Cultural Geography encompasses the study of society and its spatial dynamics as well as the cultural elements contributed by the society.

Human Geography is a vast subject and has the largest number of branches. Some of the important branches of human geography are: Social/Cultural; Population and Settlement, Historical, Political and Economic.

  • Population and Settlement Geography (Rural and Urban). It studies population growth. distribution. density. sex ratio. migration and occupational structure etc. Settlement geography studies the characteristics of rural and urban settlements.
  • Economic Geography studies economic activities of the people including agriculture, industry, tourism, trade and transport, infrastructure and services etc.
  • Historical Geography studies the historical processes through which the space gets organized. Every region has undergone some historical experiences before attaining the present day status. The geographical features also experience temporal changes and these form the concerns of historical geography.
  • Political Geography looks at the space from the angle of political events and studies boundaries, space relations between neighboring political units, delimitation of constituencies, election scenario and develops theoretical framework to understand the political behavior of the population.