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Problems of using Polybags

The use and production of polybags do a great deal of harm to our environment. Polybags are very harmful. It is not only harmful but also poisonous. It pollutes the environment seriously and endangers human lives. Polybags are made from toxic chemicals named etheline, which causes serious health hazards. It is a threat for public health; the toxic elements of polybags are responsible for various diseases. People suffer a lot for this. Polybags are synthetic plastic items. It is not biodegradable. The toxic elements of polybags damage the fertility of the soil. So it reduces the production of crops. It also reduces the fertility of the soil and water absorption. Plants can’t take oxygen for this barrier. As a result many plants die every year. Polybags should be banned at every place. And to ban these bags is in the hands of the common people rather the government. The people like us should stop using them. Then only we can keep our earth and environment clean.

Polybags also create water logging. People throw polybags here and there after their use. It takes place in the drains. So it blocks the sewerage system. During rainy season this blockage hampers the normal flow of water and creates water logging. Polybags are unrotten substances which create a lot of problems. It is highly responsible for the extinction of various aquatic species. Government should introduce rigorous rules to stop its production. The effects of plastic bags on the environment are really quite devastating. While there are many objections to the banning of plastic bags based solely on their convenience, the damage to the environment needs to be controlled. The importing of its raw nationals should be banned. The use of polybags must be banned. Law enforcing agencies must play a vital role in this regard. Besides, public awareness should be raised throughout the country to stop the- use of polybags, with a view to ensuring a healthy environment.

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