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Uses of Different Acids and Their Derivatives

Compound Name: Acid Anhydride.


  • As a regent in acetylation reaction
  • Production of aspirin
  • As a solvent of cellulose in rayon industries.

Compound Name: Benzoic Acid and it’s Sodium Salt


  • Preservation of food & fruit juices.
  • Production of dyes; e.g. aniline blue.
  • In drug industry (skin diseases).

Compound Name: Ester


  • As artificial perfumes.
  • As a solvent of oil, dyes, plastic, varnish, resin, cellulose etc. Butyl acetate is used as a “Solvent of penicillin”.
  • As an appetizer, the ester is used in different foods & drinks.
  • Ethyl acetate is used as Solvent; artificial perfume; the appetizer of foods; drug industry (skin diseases)
  • Ester benzoic is the art used in the production of perfumes.

Compound Name: Acyl Halide


  • Acetyl Chloride is used in “Acetylation/Ethylation” reaction.
  • Production of ethanoic andydride & ethanamide.
  • Identification of – OH group in organic compounds.
  • Benzyls Chloride is used in the production of tear gas.
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