Natures and Functions of Some Proteins - QS Study
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Here explain Protein name with their nature and function.

Collagen: Normal protein remains as formative constituent of connective tissue, skin cartilage. It is converted into gelatin when boiled with water.

Keratin: Formative constituent of skin, hair, nail and feather. It is a simple protein.

Insulin: Simple protein which maintains the glucose metabolism as a hormone and’ cures diabetes mellitus.

Uriase: Source: Soybean

Nature: simple protein

Use:  acts as a catalyst in the hydrolysis of urea.

Haemoglobin: Conjugated protein consisting of heme (4%) and globin (96%). It is oxygen carried in blood.

Nucleoprotein: Conjugated protein consisting of nucleic acid and protein. It is one of the important constituents of nucleus.