Laboratory Working Procedure for the Vinegar - QS Study
QS Study

Essential chemical reagents: Distil water, 10% aqueous solution of ethanol, micodarma acete bacteria, ammonium phosphate and ammonium sulphate.

Components: Wooden box having tack, wood wax, gins container, glass bottle.

Working way:

(i) At first the wooden box is placed under the stream of shower water to wet it. Mainly 2-3 racks are there in the box.

(ii) Generally the wooden pieces are wet in previous day. The wooden pieces are kept in suspended after it binding with cloth to remove the excess water. Then the wooden pieces are spread on the rack.

(iii) The powder-like ammonium phosphate & ammonium sulphate is spread over the wooden piece. They help to grow the bacteria.

(iv) Then warm air at 350 C temperatures is passed into the box through a hole in the box in little pressure. Oxygen of the air oxidized ethanol to ethanoic acid in presence of micodarma acete bacteria.