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Industrial production of Benzoic acid

Benzoic acid is produced commercially by partial oxidation of toluene with oxygen.

  1. From toluene: By oxidation of toluene at 300°C in presence of V2O5, benzoic acid is produced. In practicing the invention, fresh toluene charging stock, together with recycling toluene containing dissolved benzoic acid as hereinafter more fully described, is introduced into the upper part of a continuous oxidation system into which is also introduced oxidation catalyst.

  1. From benzo-trichloride: Benzo tri-chloride is produced by chlorination of heated toluene. It is hydrolyzed by Ca (OH)2 benzoic acid is produced. This invention relates to an improved method for the manufacture of benzoic acid from benzo trichloride and includes improvements in the purification of the benzoic acid as well as in the method of its production. The production of benzoic acid from benzo trichloride according to the usual method thus referred to requires a large amount of labor for the operation and maintenance of the plant and is otherwise an objectionable method.