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The following facts are taken into account while expressing a nuclear reaction

i) Reactions are written like a chemical equation. Reactants are written on the left-hand side and products on the right-hand side with an arrow in between.

ii) The mass number is written as super script on the symbol of the element. For example, 7N14 stands for an atom of nitrogen with mass number 14 and atomic number 7.

iii) In a chemical reaction the total number of atoms of various elements are balanced on the two sides. Similarly in nuclear reaction , the total mass number and atomic number are balanced on the two sides.

iv) Symbols used for projectiles:

The bombarding particles are called projectiles. These projectiles are represented by the following symbols.


The nucleus to be attacked is called as target nucleus or parent. The new nuclide is called as recoil nucleus or daughter. The particle ejected during a nuclear reaction is called as ejected particle.


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