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Dalton’s Atomic Theory

Although the origin of idea that matter is composed of small indivisible particles’ called ‘a tomb’ (meaning —indivisible), dates back to the time of Democritus, a Greek Philosopher (460— 370 BC), it again started emerging as a result of several experimental studies which led to the Laws of Dalton’s Atomic Theory.

In 1808, Dalton published ‘A New System of Chemical Philosophy’ in which he proposed the following:

  1. Matter consists of indivisible atoms.
  2. All the atoms of a given element have identical properties including identical mass. Atoms of different elements differ in mass.
  3. Compounds are formed when atoms of different elements combine in a fixed ratio.
  4. Chemical reactions involve reorganization of atoms. These are neither created nor destroyed in a chemical reaction.

Dalton’s theory could explain the laws of chemical combination.

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