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Wide Area Network (WAN)

A wide area network (WAN) is a network that covers a broad area (i.e., any telecommunications network that links across metropolitan, regional, national or international boundaries) using leased telecommunication lines. Business and government entities utilize WANs to relay data among employees, clients, buyers, and suppliers from various geographical locations. It is a network that exists over a large-scale geographical area. In essence, this mode of telecommunication allows a business to effectively carry out its daily function regardless of location. This ensures that computers and users in one location can communicate with computers and users in other locations. Many wide area networks span long distances via telephone lines, fiber optic cables, or satellite links. They can also be composed of smaller LANs that are interconnected.

Wide Area Network 1

Fig: Wide Area Network (WAN)

The Internet can be considered a WAN as well and is used by businesses, governments, organizations, and individuals for almost any purpose imaginable. WAN implementation can be done either with the help of the public transmission system or a private network.

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