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Visual communication is a kind of non-verbal communication. When communication occurs by means of any visual aid, it is known as visual communication. Thus, communication that occurs through facial expression, personal appearance, gesture, posture, printed picture, sign, signal, symbol, map, poster, slide, chart, diagram, graph etc. is called visual communication.

Through visual communication people can easily exchange information among them without uttering or writing any word or making any sound. When the receivers are illiterate or incapable to see the written message or to hear and understand the meaning of oral communication, visual mode of communication is effective there.

For example, to indicate ‘danger’, we use red sign; to mean ‘dangerous’, we use a skull placed between two pieces of bone put in cross wise fashion; to indicate no smoking’, we use an image showing a lighted cigarette with a cross mark on it. But visual communication alone is not enough. It can be used to indicate some elementary and simple ideas, orders, or warnings. It can be effectively used in combination with other media.