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Types of Verbal Communication

Verbal communication is the exchange of message by using either written or oral words. It entails the use of words in delivering the intended message. Thus it seems that verbal communication is of type’s written communication and oral communication. The following figure depicts the types of verbal communication:

Written communication: Written communication means exchanging information in written words. This type of communication is indispensable for formal business communications and issuing legal instructions. In this method of communication, words are used not orally but in written form. So by written communication we mean meaningful application of written words in communication. Here communicator presents all his thoughts, views, opinions etc. in written form. Without reading the message, receiver cannot understand it.

Oral communication: Oral communication is the exchange of information through oral use of words. Generally, oral communication takes place in face-to-face conversation, meeting, interviews, telephonic conversation etc. In case of oral communication, information is exchanged between sender and receiver directly. The effectiveness of oral conversations depends on the clarity of speech, voice modulation, pitch, volume, speed, and even non-verbal communications such as body language and visual cues. In modern business most of the communication is performed through oral means.