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Types of report on the basis of its length:

Long report: The long report contains information as well as analysis, explanations and recommendations. Such reports are drafted incorporating all the essential parts of report. A long report is the culmination of many weeks of hard work. It differs from a short report in purpose, scope, format, and, many times, audience. A long report provides an in-depth view of an issue and may discuss not just one or two current events but a long history. Generally, this report is prepared on complex matter and it is analytical in nature.

Short report: Short report is one that contains only the relevant parts of a report and gives more attention on report body. Prefatory parts are excluded from this report. It is usually used within the organization. The short-form report describes the scope of the audit (what financial statements the auditor has examined) and the findings of the audit (whether the reports appear to be accurate). Examples of short reports are progress report, staff report etc.