QS Study

Industrialization is mainly of two types:

A. Such materials should be produced which are at present imported from the abroad e.g. production of superior quality of cloth.

B. Such materials should be manufactured for which raw materials may be imported from abroad, and utilizing the cheap labour of this county, those items may be produced and exported abroad, e.g. garments and ceramic industries.

Cloths being imported from outside and by utilizing cheaper local labour garments are produce and export. It is a profitable business. Unplanned growth of industries deteriorates the environments in many ways. Mills and factories should not be established in human habitation. Because

  1. Industrial smoke pollutes the air of the locality.
  2. If unused and excess raw materials and by-products are, not removed properly, these may often decompose and pollute both soil and air.
  3. Often in the name of by-products, the industrial wastes are thrown to the river or other water reservoirs. As a result, the water of the reservoir become polluted and may cause harm to fishes and other aquatic animals living there. Use of this polluted water may also do harm to human beings. So industries should not be established here and there in an unplanned way.
  4. If industries, producing high sounds are established in human localities, people of those areas will become the victim of sound pollution. In this way, unplanned industrialization directly or indirectly may affect the environment. Unplanned industrialization deteriorates the public hygiene of environment. So before establishing any industry in an area, the above factors should carefully be taken into consideration.