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Informal report on the basis of legal formalities: An informal report is one that is prepared not by following any prescribed rule or formality. The main purpose of an informal report is to present the facts to the concern, so that they can take appropriate. Subordinates usually write such report. Examples of informal reports are the reports on the total working hour’s amount of production, rate of absenteeism, rate of turnover etc. Some informal topes ate discussed below:

  • Letter report: When report is drafted in the form of letter, it is called letter report. This report is drafted by following the format of a letter.
  • Mammoths report: Memorandum report is prepared in memo form to convey a message to the various internal panics of an organization. It is basically a medium of internal written communication.
  • Form report: When information is collected on any specific matter from the employees by serving them with printed forms, it is called form report.