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From or Type of Claim Letter

When affected buyer writes a letter to the seller raising complaints and demanding compensation, it is known as claim letter. Generally, a losing buyer writes claim letters to the seller. However, sometimes the buyer writes the letter to the transportation authority if any damage is caused by their negligence. Although claim letters are written for possible compensation or adjustment but the mode of claims asked for are not always same. Depending on the nature of damage or loss, the buyer can claim one or more of the followings:

  1. Partial or full refund of purchase price of the product or service.
  2. Further deliver) of the products with correct items.
  3. Replacement of defective products.
  4. Repair of the damaged products.
  5. Reduction in the price.
  6. Credit the amount to purchase account.
  7. Cancellation of order or portion of order.
  8. Rescheduling the payment installments.
  9. Correction of error in bill.
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