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Telecommunication Network Model

Telecommunication is the sending of information in any form (example – Voice, data, tenet, and image) from our place to another using electronic or light emitting media. A basic component of telecommunication networks: A telecommunication network has five basic components. These are as follows –

  1. Terminal: Terminal is an input or output devices that use telecommunications network to transmit or receive data.
  2. Telecommunication processors: telecommunication processors support data transmission and reception between terminals and computers. For example, modem, switches, router etc.
  3. Telecommunication channels: Telecommunication channels are the media, over which data are transmitted and received.
  4. Computer: Computer of all sizes and types of computer are interconnected by telecommunication network so that they can carry their information processing assignments.
  5. Telecommunication software: It consists of programs that control telecommunication activities and manage the functions of a telecommunications network.
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