QS Study

Technical feasibility can be demonstrated if reliable hardware and software capable of meeting the needs of a proposed system can be acquired are developed by the business in the required time. The details on how a company will deliver goods or services, including transportation, business location, technology needed materials, and labor. Generally, it assesses the current resources (such as hardware and software) and technology, which are required to accomplish user requirements in the software within the allocated time and budget. It is a very effectual instrument for long-term planning and troubleshooting. The technical feasibility study should most fundamentally support the financial information of an organization.

Technical feasibility also performs the following tasks.

  • Analyzes the technical skills and capabilities of the software development team members
  • Determines whether the relevant technology is stable and established
  • Ascertains that the technology chosen for software development has a large number of users so that they can be consulted when problems arise or improvements are required.
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