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Suitable Situations for Deductive Method of Arrangement

Though a reporter can use either deductive or inductive method of arrangement, these two methods are not suitable for every situation. Murphy and Hildebrandt suggested that under the following situations, a writer should follow the deductive method of report arrangement:

  • If the reader is a busy executive, who wishes to know first what the conclusions are or what action is to be taken, where and who has the responsibility.
  • If the reader prefers to determine quickly whether to scan the text for confirmation of conclusions or recommendations and whether the rest of the report is worth reading.
  • When the reader will consider the conclusions of the report as good news or as neutral information.
  • When better analysis of data is possible if conclusions or recommendations are given first.
  • When the reader wants the water’s point of view promptly.
  • If the reader has a preference for this type of arrangement.
  • When the reader is basically friendly and receptive to the report’s conclusions and recommendations.