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State the Business Participation in Cultural Affair

Cultural means relating to a particular society and its ideas, customs, and art. There are some cultural activities are too performed by business and some cultural activities are the participant that are given below:

(a) Support of cultural activities: The business has to directly or indirectly support the community cultural activities. In a country community strong cultural activity that is developed the community improvement.

(b) Limitations on business giving: The cultural activity has laminated business giving but the business has to provide full support for cultural community activity and affairs.

(c) Cultural affairs in the individual business: Concurrently with their gifts for cultural activities, businessmen have discovered art as a means of creating a desirable in company environment for employees and customer. It is popularly thought that businessmen are less interested in art and cultural affairs than the typical citizen.

(d) Beauty in business building design: Attention has been given to beauty in the design of many public buildings but this idea did not carry into the design of factories in the industrial revolution.

(e) Costs of securing aesthetic beauty: Costs of beautifying a building site may be considered a nominal capital investment which can be recovered because of the benefits mentioned but there are other beautification costs which are more substantial.

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