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Secondary Industry

The industry is concerned with the production of goods and commerce is involved with the distribution of produced products. The process of extraction, production, conversion, processing, and fabrication of products are described as an industry. An industry is either primary or secondary. The primary industry may be either extractive or genetic and secondary industry is either manufacturing or construction.

Secondary industries are of three types –

(a) Manufacturing industries: These industries are concerned with the working of raw materials or semi-finished materials into finished products. That means the material is convened into semi-finished or finished products. For example, steel mills, spinning and weaving mills, textile mills, sugar mills etc. Manufacturing processes are carried in the factory and constitute a very large part of the total business activities.

(b) Service industries: Service industries are involved with proving service of professionals. For example; lawyers, doctors, teachers etc.

(c) Construction industries: Construction industries are concerned with making or constructing of buildings, bridges, dams, roads, canals etc. The process layout, fitting and connecting materials which have already been prepared are involved in these industries.

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