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Role of Consumer Organization to follow Consumer Protection Act

Consumer rights are usually an orientation to a body of law that pertains to things the producers of goods must do to protect consumers from mischief; this assembles of laws are means Consumer Protection Act. (This laws are vary countries own rules and policies. Here focus on Indian Consumer Protection Act)

In India, some consumer organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have been set up for the defense and support of consumers’ interests. Nongovernmental organizations are nonprofit organizations which aspire at promoting the benefit of people. They have a foundation of their own and are free from government interfering. Consumer organizations and NGOs execute numerous functions for the protection and support of awareness of consumers. These include:

(i) Educating the common public about consumer rights by organizing teaching programmes, seminars and workshops.

(ii) Publishing periodicals and other publications to impart knowledge about consumer problems, legal reporting, reliefs available and other matters of interest.

(iii) Carrying out comparative testing of consumer products in accredited laboratories to test relative qualities of competing brands and publishing the test results for the benefit of consumers.

(iv) Encouraging consumers to strongly protest and take an action against unscrupulous, exploitative and unfair trade practices of sellers.

(v) Providing legal assistance to consumers by way of providing aid, legal advice etc. in seeking legal remedy.

(vi) Filing complaints in appropriate consumer courts on behalf of the consumers.

(vii) Taking an initiative in filing cases in consumer courts in the interest of the general public, not for any individual.