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Role that Business can play to Protect and Promote Condition

Many business efforts have combined the objective of helping minority businessmen with the objective of creating more jobs for the less advantaged person in society. For example, many businesses have taken the lead on this objective by promoting green practices and encouraging customers to do the same. Business promotions that raise awareness of environmental issues don’t just help the environment; they also can improve business.The Role that business can play to protect and promote conditions that are following:

  1. Making healthy community.
  2. Reduce dependency.
  3. Reduction of crimes and unrest.
  4. Reduction of deceases and poverty.
  5. Maximum utilization of human recharge.
  6. Ensuring equality in the job.
  7. Framing upgraded and skilled manpower.
  8. Introducing quota system.
  9. Increasing public awareness.
  10. Assisting them with motivation, monetarily or otherwise.
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