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Riley’s Communication Model

John W. Riley and Matilda White Riley, a husband and wife team of sociologists pointed out the importance of the sociological view in communication. They developed a model to illustrate sociological implications in communication. The model is shown below:

The model indicates the communicator (C) emerges as part of a larger pattern, who sends messages in accordance with the expectations and actions of other person and groups within the same social structure. It a also true in the case of the receiver (R) in communications process. In addition, both the communicator and receiver are part of an overall social system. The model clearly illustrates that communication is way process.

Importance of the Model:

  • The model clearly illustrates that communication is a two-way proposition.
  • Communicator and recipient are interdependent and interrelated by feedback mechanisms.
  • Communicator and receiver are part of a larger social context (be it family, community, or work place); and are not acting in isolation.