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Qualities of a Good Speaker

Delivering effective and successful speech is a special quality of human being. By dint of this quality, many people have become successful in business, politics and in society. Through delivering artful speech, the speaker can persuade people. However, there is no universally accepted list of qualities for being successful speaker. The following qualities of a successful speaker were suggested;

  • A good speaker is always a lively, interesting and eager person.
  • A good speaker behaves courteously with the audience.
  • A good speaker shows responsible behavior to the audience. The speaker gives value the time of the audience and does not produce annoyance.
  • A good speaker also shows responsible behavior to other speakers. He does not unnecessary extend the speech so as to give time to others.
  • A good speaker gives careful attention to the subject matter of the speech. He does not deliver speech on what he does not understand.
  • A good speaker acts like a good leader. While delivering speech, he stands in a convincing place so that he can maintain eye contact with the audience.
  • A good speaker gain respect from all by his honesty, neutrality and reliability. He never shows interest on any matter beyond has capacity.
  • A good speaker always behaves neutrally. Undoubtedly, he does not show partiality to anyone.
  • A good speaker is truly a humorous person. He convinces the audience through gentle and laughing jokes.