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Personal Observation

This is the most traditional method of control. Personal observation enables the manager to collect first hand information. It also creates a psychological pressure on the employees to perform well as they are aware that they are being observed personally on their job. However, it is a very time-consuming exercise and cannot effectively be used in all kinds of jobs.

Advantages of Personal Observation

  • If the researcher observes and record events, it is not necessary to rely on the willingness and ability of respondents to report accurately.
  • The biasing effect of interviewers is either eliminated or reduced. Data collected by observation are, thus, more objective and generally more accurate.

Disadvantages of Personal Observation

  • The most limiting factor in the use of observation method is the inability to observe such things such as attitudes, motivations, customers/consumers state of mind, their buying motives and their images.
  • It also takes time for the investigator to wait for a particular action to take place.