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Oral Media Forms of Upward Communication

The subordinates can communicate their problems, attitudes, complaints, and suggestions to their superiors through various ways. That means, there are a number ways, means and methods of upward communication.

Oral Media of Upward Communication: The oral media of upward communication are as follows:

Grievance Procedure: Grievance is the employee dissatisfaction over any aspect of their employment. Grievance procedure provides the employees with a formal channel of appeal to their superiors. In modern organizations, there is well-established procedure for handling employee grievances that acts as a mode of upward communication.

Joint setting of objectives: In participative organizations, superiors and subordinates sit together fur setting objectives. In this case, the superiors seek information and suggestion, from the bottom-level managers and employees.

Employer-employee meeting: Meeting between employer and employees is a very useful medium of upward communication. In the meeting, the superior can raise problems and seek information, guidelines, or suggestions from the subordinates.