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Objective and importance of Upward Communication

In upward communication, information flows from subordinates to superiors. It provides various benefits to the organization. Its importance is increasing day by day as it ensures-participative management in the organization. In the following, we are highlighting the advantages / benefits / importance of upward communication:

Providing feedback: Upward communication provides management with necessary feedback. Feedback ensures management whether the subordinates have properly understood the instructions issued to them. It also provides information on what the employees think of organization and its policies.

Providing suggestions: Through upward communication, employees can provide constructive suggestions, for promoting the welfare of the organization.

Relieving employee’s emotions: Upward communication is also a system of expressing complaints grin antes, and other problems of the employees. By expressing their complaints and grievances to the higher authority, employees can relieve their inner emotions.

Motivating employees: Upward communication provides the employees an opportunity to express their feelings, opinions and suggestions to their superiors which motivate and satisfy them to work enthusiastically. As a result, organizational productivity increases.

Facilitating collective decision: Upward communication allows the subordinates to convey their opinions in decision making process. By incorporating their collective opinions, management can make better decision.

Developing creativity: Upward communication also permits the subordinates to think and indicate the probable solutions of organizational problems. This encourages the subordinates to be creative and innovative.

Developing favorable working environment: Upward communication facilitates developing harmonious relationships between management and workers. Consequently, a congenial working environment prevails in the whole organization.

From the above discussion, it is clear that upward communication plays a vital role in achieving organizational goals. As the day progresses, the importance of upward communication is gradually increasing.