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Non-General types of Business Communication

Personal communication: When people exchange information related to their personal life or personal affair, it is called personal communication. Every person engages himself or herself in personal-communication. Personal communication occurs among the parties within the organization and outside the organization.

Mass communication: Mass communication is a process of transmitting messages to a large number of scattered audiences. Through mass communication, information can be transmitted quickly to a large number of people who generally stay far away from the source of information. Mass communication is done through radio, television, newspaper, magazine, leaflets etc.

Interpersonal communication: Interpersonal communication occurs when two individuals are involved or exchanging information, ideas, opinions, feelings relating to the personal, social, organizational, national and international matter who are located in the same place. It is a process of face-to-face communication between individuals where messages may be verbal (that is, expressed in words) or they may not involve words at all but consist of gestures, facial expressions, and certain postures (body language).