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Need for Affiliation: Entrepreneurial motivation

Entrepreneurial motivation is the procedure of transforming an ordinary individual to an influential businessman, who can generate opportunities and helps in maximizing wealth and economic growth. It is defined as various factors stimulate desires and activates eagerness in entrepreneurs which make them reach a particular goal.

Need for Affiliation:

Most of the successful and powerful entrepreneurs are self-motivated; here they fulfill the desired objectives by motivating themselves. Though many individuals have ideas but they cannot put those for business development; however self-motivated people can take decisions to implement ideas. Often you must have heard your parents saying that whatever they do they do it for their children. If a man thinks about interpersonal relationships, he has a concern for affiliation. It implies, among other things a tendency of the people to conform to the wishes and norms of those whom they value. Apparently, social activists, environmentalists, teachers, and doctors and nurses may seem as predominantly driven by these needs. Entrepreneurs are believed to be low on affiliation, as they are and expected to be, innovative, trendsetters and tradition breakers.

However, it is not necessary that affiliation should only interfere with achievement. In certain cultures, family comprises the bedrock on which the successful careers are built. One works, as if, not for personal gratification but for family. Desire to carry on the tradition of business in the family and the community to which one belongs, may be interpreted as reflecting need for affiliation as well. In the countries with the colonial past, such as ours, the first generation of entrepreneurs in Independent India was driven by patriotic fervor and the desire to rebuild the economy left stagnated by the alien rulers. One can certainly trace some elements of affiliation motivation in such instances.