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Need for Achievement: Entrepreneurial motivation

Entrepreneurial motivation is the procedure of transforming an ordinary individual to an influential businessman, who can generate opportunities and helps in maximizing wealth and economic growth. It is defined as various factors stimulate desires and activates eagerness in entrepreneurs which make them reach a particular goal.

Need for Achievement: Need for achievement implies a aspiration to achieve something hard. To master, manipulate, or organize physical objects, human beings or ideas. To do this as rapidly and as independently as possible. To overcome obstacles and attain a high standard.

Entrepreneurship is the process of identifying strengths and opportunities which help in the realization of one’s dreams for designing, developing and running a new business by facing threats and risks effectively.

To excel one’s self. To augment self–regard by victorious work out of talent. Yes entrepreneurship provides you with the best opportunity for making the best use of your talents as in employment the 9-5 routine, pressure to adhere to rules and regulations, preference for compliance of boss’s instructions over the use of personal creativity and innovativeness stifles your progress and self-development. You can create a work environment that suits your abilities and interests.

To become an entrepreneur one should identify their strengths and opportunities from the external environment. Here motivation plays a major role in identifying their own strengths to become strong leaders or powerful entrepreneurs which make them to accepting risks and face uncertainty for the purpose of reaching pre-described goals.