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Necessity of Successful Cross-Cultural Communication

Communication is the lifeblood of an organization. Success of an organization depends on its successful internal and external communication. As an organization becomes larger and geographically dispersed, it increasingly faces the problem of cross-cultural communication. Such organization requires effective cross-cultural communication for the following reasons:

Understanding tie needs global customers: This is the age of globalization. In the present context, the success of a business largely depends on serving the global customers. In order to serve the global customers a business must understand customers’ needs. For this purpose, mangers must have knowledge on cultural differences in terms of national heredity, buying habit, religious beliefs, values etc.

Avoiding misunderstanding: Wrong interpretation of verbal words and nonverbal cues is very common when people from different cultural backgrounds communicate. Such wrong interpretation creates misunderstanding within and outside the organization. Therefore, people need to be familiar with the cultures of the people with whom they communicate.

Creating harmonious environment: Harmonious working environment is a pre-requisite for organizational success. When a business hires multi-cultural people, harmony in the workplace depends on understanding the cultural differences of the employees. If the employees and management can harmoniously communicate with each other, a comfortable and productive workplace can be created.