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Movement or Types of Memo

Memo is an important means of written communication within the organization. It can move vertically or horizontally. Vertical movement takes place in two ways, such as downward direction and upward direction. Tone of memo depends on its direction. Various directions of it are discussed below:

Downward moving Memo: Memo that passes from superiors to subordinates or from top so down the organization hierarchy is called downward moving memo. Downward moving memo carries orders, instructions, policies and information form superiors to subordinates. It is the most widely used memo in all organizations.

Upward moving memo: When memo moves from lower level to upper level or from subordinates to superiors, it is called upward moving memo. Through upward moving memo, subordinates convey their suggestions, opinions, recommendations, requests, responses, reports, problems etc to their superiors.

Horizontally moving memo: The memo that is exchanged between persons holding the same position in the organization hierarchy is called horizontally moving memo. Generally, requests, actions, programs etc. are exchanged through horizontally moving memo.