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Meaning of Vertical Communication

In an organization when communication occurs among persons of different positions, it is called vertical communication. It is a kind of internal communication. In this type of communication, information moves from top to bottom and from bottom to top. When information moves from top to bottom or from superiors to subordinates, it is termed as downward communication. On the other hand, when information flows from bottom to top or from subordinates to superiors, it is called upward communication. Here information may be transmitted through formal or informal channels.

In the following, we are quoting some definitions of vertical communication:

L.C. Bovee and his associates opined, “Vertical communication is a flow of information up and down the organization’s hierarchy.”

According to Stoner and Freeman, “Vertical communication consists of communication up and down the organization’s chain of command.”

Ricky W. Griffin defined, “Vertical communication is communication that flows both up and down the organization, along formal reporting lines.”

In conclusion, we can say that Vertical communication occurs when information flows either from superior to subordinates or from subordinates to superior within an organizational structure.