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Meaning of Small Group Communication

A small group is a combination of more than two people who are interdependent on one another. So communication among the members of a group consisting of small number of members is known as small group communication.

Every organization employs small groups to collect, process and produce information, solve problems and make decisions. Small group communication helps to get synergistic benefits. Synergy means combined efforts of a group result in greater output than the sum of the Individual output. That is, groups can do more for the individuals than the individuals can do for themselves.

Study reveals that small group communication and decision making is usually motivational for the individuals conducive to attitude change, improves thinking and results in group decisions that are superior to individual decisions.

According to Stewart Tubs, “Small group communication is defined as the process by which three or more members of a group exchange verbal and nonverbal messages in an attempt to influence one another.”

Small group communication is crucial to success of an organization. Small group communication occurs in business organizations but also in churches, in social situations, and so on. Group dynamics and self-directed-work-terms are the examples of small groups. These groups are directed to improving organizational performance.