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Meaning of Official Letter

In general the letter that contains official information and message is known as official letter. This letter is generally written for conveying various official messages such as rules, regulations, procedures, orders, actions, reactions, opinions etc. from one organization to another; or from one department to another; or from one individual to another individual. In writing this letter, official structure, rules and procedures are strictly followed and maintained. There is no scope of presenting any emotional or personal message in this letter.

Official letter may be of various types depending on its contents, purposes, features and nature of organization. The main types of official letters are:

(a) Government organizations official letters,

(b) Semi government organizations’ official letters

(c) Autonomous bodies’ official letters and

(d) Private organizations’ official letters.

In conclusion, we can say that official letter refers to the letter that is written formally for conveying official messages by one office, department or individual to other offices, departments or individual.