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Meaning of Objectives and its features

Objectives are an organization’s performance targets — the results and outcomes it wants to achieve. They are a call for results that connect directly to the company’s – strategic vision and core values. They function as yardsticks for, tracking an organization’s performance and progress. There are some characteristics or features of objectives. These are as follows:

Reality: The objectives of an organization must be real and attainable. Unreal or whimsical objectives do not bring any benefits to the organization.

Measurability: The objectives must be stated in quantifiable or measurable terms. If the objectives are not measurable then it will not be possible for an organization to measure the actual performance and take corrective adjustments.

Adjustability of personal interest with the organizational objective: The objectives of every employee must be adjustable to the overall objectives of the organization. If there is any conflict between the employees’ objectives and organizational objective and then it will not be possible to achieve the objectives.

Acceptability: The objectives must be stated in such a way that they are acceptable to all the executives and employees related to the attainment of the objectives. Otherwise, it would not be possible to achieve the objectives.

Timeframe: The objectives may either for short-term or for long-term. But, it must have a definite deadline for achievement. So, these are the various features or characteristics of the objectives.

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