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Meaning of Letter

Letters are the most widely and commonly used means of written communication. It is perhaps the most traditional written tool for conveying message. When someone writes or prints message on a piece of paper and sends it to others, it is called letter. Letter can be sent directly hand-to-hand, or by means of post or mail, or by using any other electronic media. Despite the availability of various modern quick and convenient means of transmitting message, letters are as important today as they were centuries ago. Its usefulness and importance are still increasing with the growth of business.

According to Oxford Dictionary, “A letter is a written message addressed to a person or an organization usually put in an envelope and sent by post.”

By nature, letters are of two types namely, (a) personal letter and (b) business letter. The letter written to relatives or friends for exchanging personal matters is called personal letter. On the other hand, the letter that contains business related information is known as business or commercial letter.

From the above discussion we can say that a letter is a written or printed message on a piece of paper which is compiled by someone and sent to others with a view to providing them with those writer or printed messages.