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Meaning of Internal communication

Internal Communication refers to the exchange of information among the people at different levels within the organizational boundary. Here information may flow both vertically and horizontally by using formal or informal channels. External parties of the organization can never be the part of internal communication. Normally, it takes place for delegating authority, giving instructions to the subordinates and coordinating overall internal activities of an organization.

Some prominent definitions of internal communication are quoted below:

L.C. Bovee and others defined, “Internal communication is the exchange of messages among organizational members.”

In the words of Bovee, Thill and Schatzman, “Internal communication refers to the exchange of information and ideas within an organization.”

According to Rejendrapal and J.S. Korlahalli, “Internal communication consists of transmitting information within the organization.”

According to Boone, Kurtz and Block, “Internal communication involves communicating back and forth within the organization through such written and oral channels as memos, reports, proposals, meetings, oral presentations, speeches and person to person and telephone conversation.”

At last, we can conclude that internal communication is the exchange of information among the members of the organization.