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Meaning of Informational Report

An informational report is one that contains details information of any event without analysis or recommendations. In this case, the job of the reporter is to present the facts or data but not to provide any explanation. Officers, board of directors and stockholders of the company usually read such a report. An information report is a factual text, which means it provides information about something. This report is used as a way to gain a better understanding about a living or non-living subject. Some definitions of renowned authors are given below:

According to Himstreet and Bay, “Informational reports carry objective information from one area of business to another.”

Murphy and Hildebrandt, “The informational report presents the facts and a summary-without stating analysis, conclusion or recommendations.

Thus, it can be concluded that wits a report only transmits information on any topic or event, it is termed as informational report. The purpose of this report is to inform the event to the reader without any analysis, conclusion or recommendations.

Examples of informational reports are progress report of task forces or departmental projects, which state the steps accomplished toward a stated goal, annual reports etc.