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Meaning of Informal Communication

The exchange of information that does not follow any officially recognized rules and directions is known as informal communication. Informal communication originates from the personal relation, intimacy and social interaction of the people concerned. It is independent of formal channels of communication.

Informal communication may occur within or outside the organization. When informal communication occurs within the organization, it is called informal internal communication. The channels that are used in informal internal communication are known as grapevine. Informal communicant may also occur with outside parties of the company through grapevine and can significantly affect the business. Some definitions of informal communication are given below:

In the opinion of Bartol and Martin, “Informal communication is the communication that takes place without regard to hierarchical or task requirements.”

In the opinion of R. W. Griffin, “Informal communication in organization may or may not follow official reporting relationships and prescribed channels.”

According to L. C. Bovee and other, “Informal communication is the flow of information without regard for the formal organizational structure, hierarchical levels or reporting relationships.”

In conclusion, we can say that informal communication refers to the spontaneous exchange of information among various people of different status not by using any prescribed rule but by-passing the prescribed chain of command.

Informal communication occurs in family, club, religious place, market, and playground or in any other place in the form of spontaneous talking, conversation, gossiping etc depending upon personal relationship and social interactions.